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Nudging & Communication

Here you will find facts, tools and short guides on the topic of nudging and communication.

Once you have designed a sustainable menu, you should think about a suitable form of food presentation. The attractiveness of the presentation will determine whether your guests like the more sustainable offering. In addition, an open information policy builds trust between you and your guests and helps you create value and build a brand image: Once your guests realise they are being provided information about the food you offer, they will value it. In contrast, only partially sharing or withholding information doesn’t pay off. If you ignore important guest needs such as information about calories, trans fats, processing methods, etc., this could upset guests.


Keep in mind: if there is genuine interest, guests will find out the information anyway.


Thoughtful food presentation also helps reduce food waste and leftovers, thus saving money. On the way to a sustainability-oriented food and beverage presentation, the information provided here will be helpful.

Nudging explained – Facts

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Nudging effectiveness – Facts

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Food Presentation – Tips

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Signage for informational prompts – Tips

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Guest communication – Tools

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Guest communication – Facts

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Guests’ Information needs – Facts

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Guest information – Tips

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Checklist: Nudging and Communication

Checklists support you in the implementation of measures.