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Menu design

Here you will find facts, tools and short guides on sustainable menu planning.

When implementing a sustainable food policy, the planning and composition of the menu is of crucial importance. The food and beverage offering should meet the needs of guests and, for example, address the rise in food intolerances and the trend toward vegetarian/vegan diets. At the same time, the offer should meet the different aspects of sustainability. Therefore, it is crucial to complete the implementation process step by step and to change the menu gradually.


No other decision in professional kitchens is as important as the planning, preparation and composition of the menu, because this is the time to decide what to cook, when and for whom.


Menu design – Facts

What makes a sustainably planned and composed menu? Read more about this topic.

„Planetary Health Diet“ – Facts

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Fresh food – Facts

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Smart menu recipes – Best practice

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Menu design – Tips

How to make your menu sustainable and ideas for sustainable recipes can be found here.

Checklist: Menu design

Checklists support you in the implementation of measures.

Top resources: Menu design

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