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Good to know

Here you will find an introduction to the topic of sustainable food. Interesting facts, tools and short instructions will guide you through this section.

Sustainable food consumption is becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is the constantly and rapidly growing demand for food in a world whose population is expected to grow to over 9 billion people by 2050. At the same time, food producers around the world often do not receive a fair share of the global food trade and in many cases work under poor conditions. Additional pressure comes from greenhouse gas emissions caused by food production, which play a crucial role in climate change. Furthermore, the health aspect of food is a major concern, especially in modern societies. Finally, rapid sociocultural change in many countries raises the issue of protecting food cultures and traditions.

Food and its global significance – Facts

Food is the most important basis for human life. But what people eat is not only important for them and their environment, it is also of great significance for the economy and society as a whole. Read here why.

5 pillars – Facts

What is sustainable food all about? Here we explain why it is important to view food as a holistic, sustainable concept and on which 5 pillars the concept is based.

Implementation process – Tips

Creating a sustainable food offering is a multi-step process chain. We’ll explain what it’s all about here.

5 Steps to Sustainability – Tips

The food service industry offers great opportunities for culinary innovation and uniqueness, while also protecting the climate and nature. Here are 5 steps to a successful sustainability strategy.

Checklist: Sustainable Food Strategies

This checklist supports you in the introduction of a sustainable food strategy and the implementation of operational measures.

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