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Fresh food

Fresh food is one of the most important factors for vacation travelers. Why is fresh food important and what is the difference?

Why fresh food is better?

  • Environment: Fresh, local food helps to reduce food miles and save greenhouse gases.


  • Higher quality: Dishes with fresh ingredients are usually perceived to be healthier and of higher quality.


  • For your health: Convenience foods contain a lot of fat, added salt and sugar.


  • Higher cost-efficiency: Various studies show that freshly prepared meals are more cost-efficient.


  • Greater sensory appeal: Freshly prepared meals offer the opportunity to create a unique taste.


  • More Variety: When you cook with fresh ingredients, it is easier to prepare a wider variety of dishes.

Fresh food is one of the most important factors for holiday travellers. A 2016 Futouris survey of German package travellers found that “preparing fresh food without using ready-made products” is the most important factor in terms of holiday dining.


Source: Futouris (2016). Sustainable food on holiday. Final report on the Futouris industry project.