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Für Ihr persönliches Level-Up finden Sie hier Links zu vertiefenden Materialien und hilfreichen Tools.

Vertiefende Materialien

Guardians of Grub – Resources offers a comprehensive collection of information and tools on food waste reduction strategies including food waste tracker and calculator, food waste reduction plans and checklists:


A Guide to Food Waste Reduction in the Food Service Industry published by the Clean Technology Centre, Irleand


Messy but Worth It!Lessons Learned from Fighting Food Waste


WWF – A toolkit for Communication Food Waste to Guests


WWF & Greenview (2021) – Hotel Waste Measurement Methodology


PATA – Building an Understanding for Food Excess in Tourism


Hotel Kitchen Fighting Food Waste in 16 Weeks Champion’s Guide


IDB Invest Fighting Food Waste in the Tourism Sector Challenges and Opportunities for Latin America, the Caribbean, and Beyond


Stop Food Waste


Redistribution of surplus food – examples of practices in the Member States published by the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste